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2024 New Wholesale Red Light Tanning Beds Solarium Indoor Sunbed Safe Sun Capsule

Item No.: 00700
The commercial tanning bed uses a revolutionary combination of UV and red light to provide both excellent tanning results and powerful anti-aging effects that protect the skin while enhancing its natural color.
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Why Choose Us

(Ⅰ) 14 years focus on sunbed and light therapy device manufacturing
(Ⅱ) Global sales experience, payment, shipping and customs clearance without hindrance
(Ⅲ) All of our sunbeds and light therapy bed Products have certified by CE, ISO, PSE
(Ⅳ) Fast delivery, 20 production lines to meet the delivery time of different products
(Ⅴ) High quality with competitive price, we're looking for win-win cooperation
(Ⅵ) Customized service is available, logo, package, drop-shipping, ODM, we provide full customization

Effect Of Indoor Tanning

A) Healthy and beautiful skin. Quickly and easily harvest healthy skin tones such as shiny bronze, wheat, and chocolate, so that the facial features become more three-dimensional and lines are more beautiful.

B) Strengthen muscles. Promote the production of vitamin D and calcium, strengthen reflexes and motor nerves, and strengthen muscles and bones.

C) Reduce the risk of skin diseases. Improve the function of the skin's natural barrier, make the skin more resistant to sunlight, and reduce the risk of sunburn and skin diseases.

Product Parameters

Lamp Configuration
52 PCS  XL  2.0M  180W
Lamp Brand
Cosmedico Rubino
Tanning Time
7 Minutes
300 KG
Stand up
Dimensions ( door closed )
Lead Time ( if not in-stock )
30 - 45 Business Day
2 Years

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